Two tricks to suppress appetite

Question: I have a huge appetite—sometimes I feel like a bottomless pit. Are there any tricks to suppress my appetite?  —Kristy from Long Island

Answer: I’ve got two simple tricks that’ll help curb hunger.

Trick one: Drink 16 oz of water within 30 minutes of eating your meals. That’s because water seems to increase feelings of fullness, which in turn, can automatically take the edge off your hunger so you’re satisfied with less food.  Carbonated water may be even more effective than flat water—I recommend giving both a try. 

Trick two: Eat before you eat! Front load your meals with water-packed veggies. I call cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and celery the “fabulous four” because these produce picks contain a super-high water content. Plus, they’re rich in fiber, too. Water + fiber is a winning combination when it comes to promoting feelings of fullness.

So before meals, drink water and eat veggies… and it’s likely you’ll suppress your appetite and fill up faster.

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