A tip to keep ice cream portions in check

I’m crazy for ice cream, but it’s tough to keep in the house because I can’t stop at one serving—I eat the whole pint! Any tricks to help with portion control? 

Peter from Chapel Hill, NC


ANSWER: Who isn’t crazy for ice cream?!? I think most people (including me!) find it difficult to stop at one serving, especially when you’re scooping from a large container.

Here’s a simple strategy I use at home:

Buy a pint size of your favorite ice cream. Then, when you get home, scoop ½-cup portions into single-serve ramekins, cover with plastic wrap and stash them in the freezer.

This creates instant portion control! You can enjoy without having to worry about willpower.

PS: half gallons are tricky—unless you have a huge freezer that can hold 16 ramekin servings.


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