A simple tip to stop nighttime nibbling

Question: I have a terrible habit that prevents me from losing weight: I make perfect choices during the day, but after dinner, all hell breaks loose and I eat my way through the kitchen. Then, I wake up every morning feeling fat, bloated and depressed. I try so hard to not eat after dinner, but the urges are intense and nothing works! How can I stop the nighttime nibbling?  —Candace from Philly

Answer: For folks who find it impossible to shut down all eating after dinner, here’s an effective strategy:

Plan out a p.m. snack that’s less than 200 calories (for example, you can enjoy 4 cups of light popcorn, a rice cake with tomato and cheese, a cup of grapes or an ounce of dark chocolate), and then save it for right before bed. From a psychological standpoint, just knowing that you have something to look forward to is enough to keep a lid on excessive nibbling after dinner.

When the evening winds down, enjoy your snack, floss and brush your teeth, then hop into bed. Instead of thousands of calories, you’ve consumed only about 200. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling light, refreshed and virtuous. Mission accomplished!

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