QUESTION: Is it bad to repeat the same breakfast day after day?
—Amy from New York, NY

ANSWER: Not at all. It’s perfectly fine to stick to a familiar routine and repeat your breakfast (or lunch or dinner) as long as you’re eating an overall balanced diet. That means plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and quality carbs. 

In fact, while some people enjoy variety, others thrive on repetition. And there are definitely some benefits to repeating a few nutritious go-to meals and rotating them regularly versus having a diverse diet. For example, when you take the guess-work out of meal prep—and have less options to select from—studies have shown that you may be more likely to stick with a plan.  In my experience, many successful “losers” repeat, repeat, repeat…when it comes to their menu.  

Bottom line: A varied diet or a monotonous diet can each work. Figure out what’s best for your personality and forge forward with a nutrient-rich plan.

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