Another year, another set of promises (one of which is probably related to the scale, if you’re like most people). Use these handy hacks to ensure that this is the year they finally stick!

1. Drink before you eat.
Sip two cups of water within 30 minutes of each meal. This trick offers a two-for-one benefit: It helps take the edge off appetite and also hydrates your body.

2. Create an eating window.

Limit eating to a 12-hour stretch. That means, if you eat breakfast at 8 am, you’ll close down your kitchen by 8 pm. Feel free to vary the timing based on your schedule.

3. Sprinkle on ch-ch-ch-chia goodness.

Add 1 to 2 teaspoons chia seeds to smoothies or yogurt. You’ll shower your body with omega-3s. Plus, they’ll expand in your stomach to keep you full for hours.

4. Add nutrient-packed veggies into every meal.

Toss mushrooms or spinach into your morning omelet. Layer your mid-day sandwich with lettuce leaves, tomatoes onion and roasted peppers. Start supper with a salad and enjoy green beans or broccoli with your entrée.

5. Go topless!

Lose the top slice of bread on burgers or sandwiches to cut curbs and calories.

6Add some pumpkin magic to meals.

Sneak a large dollop of pumpkin puree into meat sauce, taco meat or oatmeal for a dose of beta-carotene—a nutrient that promotes a beautiful complexion.

7. Nix the vending machine.

Avoid 3 pm brain drain by eating an apple and handful of nuts. This power pair helps steady blood sugar and boosts energy.

8. Sandwich your sippers.

When imbibing, enjoy a wine/cocktail “sandwich.” Sip a glass of seltzer or water between each cocktail.

9. Go cocoa loco.

Sharpen your brain by adding a teaspoon of cocoa powder to your coffee. Both provide ingredients to nourish your noggin and help boost memory.

10. Switch to a slimmer spread.

Replace mayo with nutrient-packed hummus or guacamole. You’ll slash calories and boost nutrition. Nice deal!