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Episode 42: Eggs-travaganza

On this week’s show, I shelled out some of my favorite egg recipes and products. I whipped up a Cacio e Pepe Egg Salad, a yummy upgrade on the classic featuring creamy Parm and ground black pepper. I showed off an egg-in-a-pan trick while making a delicious twist on the standard BLT sandwich, this one with the addition of protein-rich eggs and heart-healthy avocado. And although I had planned to finish off with a scrumptious Eggs Benedict (creating a clever Hollandaise sauce made with yellow bell pepper), I didn’t get the chance. A neighborhood blackout cut the episode short (OMG—the whole house suddenly went dark and we were without electricity!). But you can still check out the featured recipes below, and you can watch the replay—up until the blackout, haha—here.

Eggs Benedict
Cacio e Pepe Egg Salad
B.L.E.A.T Quesadilla