Amazon Live Show Episode 29:
Gold Medal Desserts

Obsessed with the Olympics? I can’t get enough—I’ve been glued to my screen! That being said, I used this week’s episode to whip up a few medal-worthy desserts, treats you can enjoy while you’re watching your favorite athletes go for gold. I started with a simple 3-ingredient mug brownie that you can make in the microwave. (While they won’t win any health awards, they are single-serve, which helps with portion control—not an easy task when it comes to gooey brownies.) For a fun presentation, I surrounded the finished chocolatey brownie with red, white and blue ribbon so it looks like a medal. Then, I demoed a clever way to make a luxurious caramel sauce you can use as a dip for fruit, a topping for fro yo or a drizzle on really anything you’d like. Then we finished off the night with a DIY caramel popcorn that’s crunchy, salty, sweet…and addictive. Catch the episode here and check out the featured recipes below:

3-Ingredient Mug Brownie
Caramel Sauce
Caramel Popcorn