Surprise! Unfamiliar Winter Produce You Need to Be Eating


Persimmons are curiously underrated. If you want to give them a shot (please do!), you have a very short window in the fall and early winter. This fruit has a honey-like, cantaloupe taste, and a similar texture to an apricot. The round, bright orange pick provides 6 grams of fiber and is also brimming with vitamin A (138 mcg in one fruit), to bolster your immunity and complexion all winter long. You can bite right into the juicy flesh (the skin is edible) or peel them if you prefer. Use them to bring adventure to your fruit bowls, add them to a favorite winter salad, or try baking them into muffins. This unique yellowy-orange, deliciously sweet fruit will provide a pop of color and intrigue to your winter routine.