Surprise! Unfamiliar Winter Produce You Need to Be Eating


I’m always rooting for these guys. Root vegetables, like carrots and parsnips, are winter winners because they grow sweeter as temperatures drop. Roasted parsnips taste a lot like white potatoes and make for a scrumptious side on their own. Also, because they have a subtle earthy flavor, they’re a welcome addition to a slew of winter dishes, like soups, stews, and  casseroles. You can even make crispy oven-roasted Parsnip fries (out-of-this-world delish). Parsnips come packed with vitamins (C, B and E) and minerals (manganese, potassium and magnesium), which makes them a tasty way to add an alphabet of nutrients to your plate. They’re also a good source of fiber–one cup of cooked parsnips contains almost 6 grams of fiber.