Surprise! Unfamiliar Winter Produce You Need to Be Eating


Orange you glad I didn’t say orange? All kidding aside, citrus fruits are seasonal stars. Despite their color, mandarins and oranges are not one in the same. In addition to being a different species, mandarins (which include tangerines and clementines) are generally smaller and sweeter than oranges. They’re also a little flatter, and feature a thin, loose skin that makes them a breeze to peel. Varieties like clementines are usually seedless, while others, like tangerines, may have a small amount of seeds. If ever there were a perfect snack for little fingers and on-the-go munching, this is it. For a more decadent spin, try dipping mandarin slices in melted dark chocolate and topping with sea salt. Is your mouth watering?! Mandarins are a terrific source of vitamin C, which helps to keep skin healthy, improve oral health, and strengthen immunity.

Thanks to Victoria Rihm for her contributions to this article.