Surprise! Unfamiliar Winter Produce You Need to Be Eating


This big, knobby root vegetable (also known as the “sunroot” and “Jerusalem artichoke,” even though sunchokes are not part of the artichoke family), is versatile, cooks quickly and requires minimal prep. You can enjoy them like any root veggie; bake ‘em, sauté ‘em or puree them in soups. With a nutty, slightly sweet flavor, sunchokes are also great eaten raw or lightly cooked and tossed in salads.  They’re a good source of iron, potassium, and thiamin, and fiber. One of their most noteworthy benefits is that sunchokes are considered a prebiotic, a nondigestible fiber that encourages the growth and activity of probiotics, beneficial microbes in the intestinal tract that promote overall good health. With all these assets, there’s good reason to let the sun(chokes) shine in!