Spice is nice! The magic of seasoning


Cinnamon, with its sweet and mildly spicy woodsy flavor, is crafted from the dried bark of the Cinnamomum tree. Though originating in Asia, this sought-after spice is now celebrated worldwide. Commercially, cinnamon is available as sticks or ground powder. Ground cinnamon is ideal for baking, while cinnamon sticks can infuse flavor into drinks or soups, or be grated into a fine powder for various culinary applications.

Cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon both boast a shelf life of up to four years. You may encounter different varieties, such as Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Ceylon cinnamon, each offering unique flavor profiles. Indonesian cinnamon, rich in fibers, enhances dish texture, while Vietnamese cinnamon is highly esteemed in the United States, and Ceylon cinnamon imparts a clove-like taste.

Beyond its delicious flavor, cinnamon may positively impact blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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