Six soothing strategies to tame stress


Play the happy chef

This will come as no surprise to, well, anyone, but I find cooking to be a great way to burn off stress. It’s something you can do at home and it’s super satisfying (you feel connected to the food you’re eating and end up with a healthy, wholesome meal when all is said and done). You can be creative, and experiment to concoct a delicious meal. (Or, if you’d prefer, you can follow a recipe to a T if that’s easier.) You can do it alone to some quiet music, or round up the kids and do it as a bonding activity. Some of it is mindless—prep, cleaning, chopping—while other parts require a bit more focus and attention. I love the smells, the aromas that fill the kitchen, and the whole house. I love the freedom to imagine and create. I love providing for and taking care of my family; it’s a way to show my feelings for them. In the end, it’s fun and can be a form of therapy if you enjoy it.