“OM” down

Taking some time to meditate or even just do some deep breathing can help manage stress and bring on feelings of calm. You can meditate anywhere—your home office, bedroom, living room—and for as long as you’d like. In simplest terms, it involves focusing your attention, eliminating outside thoughts and distractions, and slowing down your breathing. There are different types (guided, mantra, mindfulness, Tai Chi and yoga are a few examples), and you can easily search online for tips on each. If you wanted to take a moment during your day to just do some deep breathing, that helps cut stress levels, too. To do this, find a quiet, comfortable place to sit down. Take a normal breath, then take a slow, deep breath. Breathe in slowly through your nose. Pull air through your chest, letting your stomach rise as your lungs fill up (to the count of four). Then, exhale slowly through your mouth (to the count of four). Do this a few times until your heart rate slows and you feel more relaxed. Repeat as often as you’d like throughout the day.