9 Simple Steps to Your Little Black Dress

Cook yourself thin


A Tufts University study found that people who frequently ate their meals at restaurants consumed almost a third more calories per day than individuals who cooked their meals at home. Restaurant meals are notoriously high in calories, thanks to enormous portion sizes and liberal use of high-fat ingredients like oil, butter, and cheese. Commit to brown-bagging your lunch and cooking dinner at home instead of eating out. Easy and portable lunch options include nonfat yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, chicken or tuna salad prepared with low-fat mayo or vinaigrette dressing and lots of veggies, or a turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread (pile on lettuce, tomato, onions and roasted peppers). You’ll easily slash calories by cutting back on oil and butter and substituting low-cal condiments for their high-fat counterparts when preparing your own lunch and dinner