Movies & Munchies: Rom-Com Edition❤️


Hitch (Will Smith) is New York’s resident “date doctor”—men from across the Big Apple seek him out for his expertise in landing their dream girl. And he imparts his wisdom on the sly. While working with the shy and self-effacing Albert (the hilarious Kevin James) on his quest to woo celeb Allegra (stunning Amber Valletta), he meets and begins to develop feelings for gossip columnist, Sara (the beautiful Eva Mendes).

Hitch and Sara begin dating—one of their meetings takes place at a cooking class where Hitch has an allergic reaction to some shellfish he’s unknowingly eaten. The scene ends at a drug store with Hitch chugging straight from a Benadryl bottle, as he stares up at the security camera mirror and shrieks at his blown-up face, LOL.

For those who are NOT allergic to shellfish, try this One-Skillet Lime Cilantro!

Get the recipe.


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