My favorite holiday movies and munchies!

The Holiday

Two women in different countries—one in America, one in the UK—decide to swap homes for the holidays after suffering respective heartbreaks. Amanda, a movie trailer producer in LA heads to cozy cottage outside of London and Iris, a society columnist for The Daily Telegraph, stays at a luxurious LA mansion to get a change of scenery. The two find a new lease on life…and unexpected love, but not without a few snags. It’s a lighthearted and fun movie that will have you laughing and believing in love again. The scenes in London had me inspired to whip up my Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie, a typical British dish often referred to as “cottage pie.” It’s pure comfort food, with layers of creamy sweet potatoes, hearty ground turkey, and yummy veggies that will fill your belly and warm your heart. Who’s ready to dig in?

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