My favorite holiday movies and munchies!

Family Stone

A more modern take on the holidays, this one is set in present-day New England and it features the lively Stone family, their son Everett and his new girlfriend, Meredith (with an all-star cast). Everett plans to propose but first, he must introduce the uptight Meredith to his liberal, laidback family. If you think meeting the future in-laws was stressful, try meeting them during the holidays, LOL. To help break the tension, Meredith invites her sister Julie to join in on the festivities, but all that does is add another layer of confusion, as the more outgoing Julie seems to click with Everett and the family, pushing Meredith closer to Everett’s brother Ben, the only Stone on Meredith’s side. A sick relative only elevates the stress (and brings a wedge between the lovebirds). Oh, and there’s the unforgettable scene when Meredith flies her “freak flag” in the bar and dances to Right Back Where We Started From, haha. The movie reaches a fevered pitch in the kitchen when Meredith spills her Strata (an egg dish she whipped up to impress the family) and confronts Everett’s mom and sister as the two brothers fight. It’s pure chaos and fun! I chose this Apple, Sausage and Caramelized Onion Frittata—another egg dish—in the spirit of the Stone family. Plus, I love that it features unexpected ingredients that typically wouldn’t come together in a frittata, but they blend beautifully and work to create a delicious marriage of flavors just like the Stone family.

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