My favorite holiday movies and munchies!


Get ready to laugh until it hurts! A baby from an orphanage gets taken back to the North Pole by mistake after crawling into Santa’s sack. The baby, whom we come to know as Buddy, eventually grows to at least twice the size of a normal elf and lacks all elven talents, but he’s still accepted and loved by everyone at the North Pole. However, once Buddy comes to learn that he’s not a real elf (the height difference didn’t give it away LOL), he decides to travel back to New York to find his birth father. Buddy struggles to fit into the human world and to gain the acceptance of his new family. He eventually helps his dad, his stepmom, his brother and a lot of cynical New Yorkers believe in the magic of Christmas again. One of the funniest parts of the movie, especially for a nutritionist (ahem), is Buddy’s diet: anything and everything sweet! According to Buddy, the four main Elf food groups are: Candy, candy canes, candy corn and sugary syrups. (Somebody call a dentist!). He even indulges in a plate of spaghetti topped with maple syrup, chocolate syrup, M&Ms, marshmallows and a chocolate Pop Tart. With this in mind… and a bit of nutrition magic…I whipped up this Elf-inspired “Pancake Spaghetti” with peanut butter-maple swirls. It is fun to make and even more fun to devour. You need a condiment plastic bottle to form the strands…and then feel free to add your favorite toppings (candy optional).

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