Healthy Foods That Pack on the Pounds

Trail Mix


Most people see trail mix as a sensible snack, but depending on its ingredients, it can be very calorie dense. I’m talking about dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, yogurt-coated fruit, or fried banana chips—all of those can cause the calorie and sugar content of your snack to skyrocket! Plus, it’s so easy to gobble down large amounts of trail mix—and even just two handfuls can add up to over 400 calories.

Instead of eating store-bought versions, make your own “slim-style” trail mix by using air-popped popcorn and whole-grain cereal to puff up the volume and dilute the healthy-but-caloric mix-ins like nuts and dried fruit. You’ll get a much larger, more substantial portion (two to three cups) for just 180 cals. That’s four times as much for less than half the calories!