Fruit Juice and Nectars


“Real fruit” drinks like 100% fruit juice and fruit nectars have an aura of health, and while they do provide some vitamins and minerals, they’re still loaded with sugar (just like soda and lemonade). That also means they’re sporting plenty of calories. Not to mention, liquids don’t fill you up like solid foods do. A typical 16-ounce glass of orange juice clocks in at 220 calories. For that same calorie load, you can eat a whole orange, plus a cup and a half of strawberries, and half a cantaloupe!

Swap your daily fruit-juice fix for a can of naturally fruit-flavored, zero-calorie seltzer, which doesn’t contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners—so it’s not sweet—but thanks to the carbonation, has a nice fizzy pop (just like soda) that excites your taste buds.