Beat the Heat with These Cooling Foods

Ice Pops

Frozen fruit bars will help your body chill down better than ice cream, which contains a lot of fat and thus requires more effort on the part of your digestive system (the harder your body works, the hotter your insides get). Real fruit pops are naturally high in water and easy to digest, and they deliver a (cooling) blast of nutrition to boot. Your best bet is to make them at home using fruit and 100% fruit juice (try my recipes for Blueberry-Nectarine Freeze Pops and creamy Cherry-Vanilla Yogurt Pops). If you prefer the convenience of store-bought treats, just make sure to watch the added sugar. Look for bars that contain some real fruit (ideally, listed as the first ingredient) and provide less than 20 grams of sugar per bar (sounds like a lot but you’d be surprised how much more sugar is in a lot of the mainstream brands!). Edy’s Outshine, Fruttare, and Whole Foods 365 all offer good options in their frozen treat lines.