8 Trendy Proteins You Should Be Eating

Part-Skim Ricotta

Ricotta cheese is just way too creamy and delicious to use only as lasagna filling, and I’m glad people are starting to capitalize on its versatility! A quarter cup of part-skim ricotta cheese is only 80 calories but delivers 7 grams of filling protein, along with a shot of calcium. (Be sure to pick up the part-skim variety, which has fewer calories and less saturated fat than the regular whole-milk version.) Mix a half cup of ricotta with a teaspoon of sugar, a splash of skim milk, and a dash of vanilla for a fantastic topping for whole-grain waffles along with fresh fruit. Or use it as a healthy spread replacement for cream cheese on toast or bagels (try adding sliced tomatoes too). For a delicious and nutrient-packed dessert, microwave frozen berries until just warm, then mix the berries and all of their juices with a scoop of ricotta. I guarantee you’ll find many more ways to use this rich-tasting, low-cal ingredient once you have it stocked in your fridge.