8 Clever Diet Tricks From Weight Loss Superstars

Overdose on Vegetables


Keith bulks up his meals by adding volumes of vegetables. On the weekend, when he has extra downtime, he and his wife roast a huge batch of carrots, asparagus, peppers, onions, and anything else they pick up at the market. He cuts the produce into bite-sized pieces, lays them out on a baking sheet, mists them with oil spray, and then sprinkles on all sorts of interesting herbs and seasonings. The veggies are roasted in a 425-degree oven until they’re soft and browned, then stashed in the fridge to be reheated and enjoyed throughout the following week. This tip was especially helpful when Keith first started his weight loss plan, since he had a ferocious appetite and hadn’t yet adjusted to smaller portions. Today he’s 100 pounds thinner and continues to pile on the produce. It’s a win-win: He keeps his weight down and showers his body with good nutrition.