2020’s Healthiest Nutrition Trends

Oat Milk & More

Moove over, soymilk. Your vegan latte’s got options with 2020 bringing delicious, new additions to the dairy aisle, including oat, cashew, and banana milk. While cow’s milk still reigns for protein (8 g per cup vs. oat 3 g, cashew 1 g, banana 1 g), the new kids bring plenty of terrific assets to the table. For example, oat milk typically contains no added sugar and also delivers beta-glucan, which may be beneficial for cholesterol. There are so many tasty new options for people with soy, dairy, or nut allergies, or for those who are lactose intolerant. Just watch out for added sugars in flavored varieties. A better bet: Opt for plain varieties like Mooala Organic Bananamilk, which is sweetened with only bananas. Oat milk is easy to find at larger grocers (for example, you can find Pacific Foods Organic Oat Milk at Target), or you can even try an oat milk latte at select coffee shops.