2020’s Healthiest Nutrition Trends

Flour Power

If you thought almond flour was adventurous, get ready to experiment with even more grain-free and nut-free flour options in 2020. Breads, baked goods and pastas will get a healthy makeover from flour made from fruit, veggies, legumes and seeds—think banana, beets, cauliflower, cassava, fava beans, and chia seeds. No grains or gluten means no worries for people with allergies or for those following low-carb diets. Some come with special benefits like added protein, fiber, and other key nutrients. Add banana flour to smoothies for a dose of gut-healthy resistant starch, use chickpea flour in baked goods to bump up protein and fiber content, and incorporate cauliflower flour into zucchini bread or pizza crust for a shot of vitamin C and fiber. Look for 365 Everyday Value Cauliflower Flour or carrot and flaxseed flours in Cooggies Bare Muffin Baking Mix. And of course, feel free to use nut and seed flours like almond, hazelnut and flaxseed flours—these are tasty tried and true gluten-free options that work well in many baked goods.