Tasty Ways to Enjoy Nuts and Seeds

Sunflower seeds need more snacking love—they’re loaded with heart-healthy fats and fiber. They’re also rich in magnesium, which helps manage blood sugar and blood pressure. And they provide vitamin E, which may protect your peepers and your pumper, among other benefits.

They’re the ideal snack for waist watchers: A ½ cup of sunflower seeds in the shell is the perfect portion and like pistachios, removing the shells will slow down your munching (although, I like to munch on them whole—shell and all!). They’re also great sprinkled into salads or yogurt. I love them in my Quinoa with Yogurt, Grapes and Toasted Seeds recipe. You can also find sunflower butters, which are delicious (and a good option for people with nut allergies).