My 10 Must-Have Foods for the Fridge

Eggs or egg substitute

My family goes through about two dozen eggs a week! Feasting on an omelet or plate of scrambled eggs at breakfast fills your tank with protein, which gives you the energy you need to start your day. Egg yolks have a substantial amount of cholesterol and saturated fat, so I recommend using a combination of one whole egg and two or three egg whites. It’s the perfect compromise: low in calories and fat and packed with protein and nutrition. For a blast of vitamins and fiber, mix veggies into your morning scramble (I like a combo of tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and onions). And if you don’t feel like cracking all those shells, it’s fine to pick up a carton of egg substitute for convenience. It’s made from 99% egg whites, plus beta-carotene for color and a splash of vitamins and minerals that are naturally found in the yolks.