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Other Problems

I get an error when I try to sign up

We’re sorry you’re having trouble! Here are a few suggestions that might help:

1) Double-check that all your info is correct. Sometimes people forget to enter an expiration date, password, or other required field.

2) Make sure your computer is still online. Can you still connect to other Web sites? Did your modem get disconnected?

3) Come back and try again. Close all open web browsers (each and every window). Re-open your browser, come back, and try again. Sometimes this can get rid of any bugs.

4) Turn on your cookies. Cookies are little pieces of code that let your computer remember information from different Web sites. If your cookies are off, it could possibly cause an issue.

5) Still no luck? Contact us and we can try to help!

I don’t want to sign up with my credit card

Unfortunately, you can only sign up for the program with a credit card right now. In the future, we might add other ways to pay for your membership, though.

I have additional questions

For other concerns, contact us, and we can try to help answer your specific questions.

I forgot my E-mail

If you forgot the E-mail address you subscribed with, please contact customer service, and we can help recover the E-mail address you used. For security reasons, we may have to ask for your other account details.

I forgot my password

No problem. Visit “Forgot Your Password” and enter the E-mail address you subscribed with. We will E-mail your password to you shortly.

Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that caps-lock isn’t turned on. Try typing your password again – it’s easy to make mistakes.

It still doesn’t work

Still can’t login? First, make sure your computer is online. Second, try closing out of all open web browsers, come back, and try again. Third, contact us, and we can try to help.

I found an error or typo

Oops. We’re human, too! Contact us and we can look into any technical glitches or go fix that stray comma or misspelled word.

How can I contact you?

Visit Contact Us for all the details.

How to turn on cookies

For Internet Explorer 6.0

  • Select “Tools” from the menu bar
  • Click “Internet Options”
  • Select the “Privacy” tab
  • Click “Sites…”
  • Type in “” and click “Allow”
  • Click OK

For Firefox

  • Select “Tools” from the menu bar
  • Click “Options”
  • Select the “Privacy” icon
  • Select the “Cookies” tab
  • Select “Allow sites to set Cookies”
  • Click OK

For Safari

  • Select “Safari” from the menu bar
  • Click “Preferences”
  • Select the “Security” tab
  • Select “Enable Javascript”
  • Under “Accepting Cookies” select “Only from sites you navigate to”
  • Click OK