Savory Energy Bars

For a long time, sweet flavors like honey oat and chocolate peanut butter have dominated the bar market. But recently, companies have been creating savory flavors to change things up— varieties like Thai Chili and Pizza Margherita! And for people who love the convenience of snacking on bars but are experiencing “palate fatigue,” these are perfect on-the-go options. Next time you’re shopping in the snack aisle, be on the lookout for these:

KIND recently released their STRONG & KIND line with flavors like honey smoked barbecue, Thai chili and roasted jalapeno. Each bar is about 230 calories and has 10 grams of protein coming from peas. Munch on it after a tough workout or pair it with a piece of fruit for an easy meal replacement.

EPIC bars are made from 100 percent grass fed animals—bison, turkey, pork, beef, lamb and chicken. These Paleo-friendly bars have 140 to 200 calories and 10 to 16 grams of protein, depending on the flavor. Before you turn your nose up at these meaty bars, give them a shot…the flavors are truly…epic!

Sheffa SAVORY Bars are made with whole grains, like brown rice, quinoa, millet and amaranth, plus chickpeas and sunflower seeds for a hit of protein. These crunchy bars come in interesting flavors, such as rosemary, sesame and a spicy blend. They’re about 150 calories, with a good amount of fiber and protein,  perfect for an energy boost between meals.

CLIF Bar just unveiled their new line of savory real-food purees for athletes called CLIF Organic Energy Food. Flavors like Pizza Margherita (160 calories, 5 grams protein) and Sweet Potato with Sea Salt (200 calories, 4 grams protein) can satisfy those comfort-food cravings while you’re out hiking, biking or running.