Move Over Coconut Water, Hello Maple Water!

With a hint of maple flavor, this refreshing and low-calorie beverage is definitely worth a try.

Despite its sweet name, this H2O spinoff is low in sugar and calories. An 8-ounce serving contains a very reasonable 3 grams natural sugar and 15 to 20 calories (as a comparison, you’ll get 50 calories in an equivalent pour of coconut water).

It’s not water with a squirt of maple syrup – it’s actually the unprocessed and unconcentrated watery sap that’s harvested straight from the maple tree. The tree pulls in groundwater from the soil through its roots, and then draws the water up its trunk and into all of its branches, where the H2O picks up its delicate maple essence. The trunks are then tapped to collect this delicious maple water, which is now being bottled as a chic new health drink. (In case you’re curious, to make maple syrup, the sap is concentrated up to 40-fold, leaving behind the thick, glossy syrup we love to drizzle on pancakes. These drinks contain 100% pure maple water, so you won’t find any added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. It’s also a natural source of some minerals, including potassium, manganese, and zinc (but it doesn’t contain as many electrolytes as coconut water). You can sip it plain to really enjoy it’s light maple taste, or use it to sweeten cocktails and smoothies. You can even substitute maple water for other liquids in oatmeal and baked good recipes to give a subtle hint of maple flavor.

If you’d like to give this trendy new drink a shot, look for these brands currently on the market: DRINKMaple, Vertical Water, Happy Tree, and Seva. You can find them in health food stores, or purchase them through major online retailers like Amazon.


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