How to stay motivated in the evening


QUESTION: I eat perfectly all day long, but then fall apart by dinner. Any tips to stay motivated?
Marge Goss from Leesburg, Virginia

Many people wake up in the morning with great health intentions; they start the day with a power breakfast and fitness workout. Lunch tends to go on track as well, but as the day goes on, their motivation takes a dip. And, well… you know what happens next. Bye-bye health plan. Hello, chips, burgers and pizza.

Use these four tips to keep your motivation revved in the later part of the day.

Plan out dinner ahead of time.
It’s much easier to stay on track when you have a specific meal to look forward to. In fact, because dinners tend to be the most challenging, I advise people to plan out evening meals for the entire week. When you come home from work, you’ll be more likely to stick to your planned-out meal instead of tearing the kitchen apart looking for snacks or giving into large helpings of fast  food.

Schedule a late afternoon workout.
Exercise is the ultimate motivator. So consider moving your a.m. workout to the later part of the day. Or, simply squeeze in a 30-minute walk after work or before dinner. It’s an easy way to strengthen your health resolve in the evening—plus, burn extra calories.

Display a “goal outfit” in your room. 
Buy an article of clothing—a pair of jeans, a dress, skirt, button-down jacket—in a smaller size and hang it front and center in your room or closet. This is like a dangling carrot that will help keep you on track. Consider trying it on when you get home. It’ll keep your competitive juices flowing!

Find a Drop 10 buddy.

Just having the support and accountability of a friend who shares the same goals can help keep your motivation levels high. Plan a regular check-in time with your buddy on your way home from work or right before dinner to give yourself a boost.