3 Sweet and Slimming Treats


Wondering how to satisfy a sweet tooth without derailing your diet? Of course, fruit is a no-brainer, and summer is the best time for juicy, sweet varieties like melon, pineapple, peaches and plums. But if you’re looking for something a little more indulgent, dig in to these tasty treats.

Dark Chocolate

When a cocoa craving strikes, enjoy a prepackaged square (or two) of dark chocolate. (Dark chocolate contains higher amounts of heart-healthy flavonoids compared to milk and white chocolate varieties.) Brands like Dove PromisesEndangered Species, and Ghiradelli sell individually wrapped squares for no more than 60 calories a piece. Hershey’s special dark Kisses are only 25 calories a piece. You can also reach for a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (the type you keep on hand for baking); measure out two tablespoons (about 140 calories) and savor every morsel. 

Cherry-Vanilla-Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich 

Here’s a delicious frozen treat that combines the fabulous flavors of rich chocolate, creamy vanilla and sweet cherries. These ice cream sammies could not be easier to throw together, and they’re 100 calories less than the store-bought variety. My kids (and husband) gobble them up! Get the recipe

45-Calorie Ice Pops

These refreshing pops get their sweetness naturally from bananas and strawberries—not a drop of added sugar! They also have a surprise ingredient that give them a little extra nutrition “oomph.” Care to take a guess? Get the recipe. 


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