Pamela B.

After putting everyone else's health first for years, Pamela finally decided to take care of herself. On Joy's plan, she lost an amazing 85 pounds and regained control of her own health!



Age: 39
Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 230 pounds
Current weight: 145 pounds
Goal weight: 135
Pounds lost: 85 pounds

After caring for a mother-in-law who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for five years, Pamela had emotionally hit rock bottom. She was always volunteering to care for everyone else and never took any time to look after her own health and wellbeing. She felt depressed and had no energy, and had difficulty breathing or sitting comfortably. She couldn’t even play with her 5-year-old son without becoming out of breath.

After a trip to the emergency room, Pamela knew she had a choice to make: continue with her life the way it was and suffer the health consequences, or make a change so that she could watch her son grow up and be able to truly be there for her family. Determined to get her life back, Pamela decided that it was time for a change. “There was no looking back; just looking forward to the outcomes and happiness that only I could create from accomplishing my goals,” she says.

The next day, Pamela saw Joy Bauer on the Today show discussing her popular weight loss book, Your Inner Skinny. Pamela had been a member of other weight loss programs before and while she loved the food and ideas, she needed a menu that would teach her to eat right and make smart choices — and Joy’s book fit the criteria. Pamela knew the basics of counting calories and exercising; what she didn’t know was how to eat meals that would keep her feeling full. “I ate as a binge eater, to satisfy emotional needs and to comfort myself. Joy taught me to eat healthy foods that helped control my hunger,” says Pamela. She was amazed that she could still eat delicious meals without all the extra calories from the carbs, butter, oils, and creams she was used to eating. Most importantly, Pamela learned which foods to avoid, and eliminated all of the packaged convenience foods from her diet.

The transformation did not happen overnight, but as Pamela made healthy changes to her lifestyle, the pounds slowly began to come off. Now, when Pamela is hungry between meals, she nibbles on something nutritious. “My favorite snack is ¾ cup of frozen berries and 15 pistachios, because I get two snacks in one and it’s very satisfying!” she says. “Sometimes I will even microwave the berries and chop the pistachios on top for a quick and healthy cobbler.”

For Pamela, “The most important thing I learned on Joy’s weight-loss plan is that only I have control over what goes into my body. I can still eat good, healthy food and be satisfied; it’s simply a matter of making smart choices.”

For others who are just starting on their weight loss journey, Pamela recommends staying focused on your schedule and goals. “Keep a journal of everything you eat. You can still enjoy celebrations, but remember why you are celebrating — the holiday, the vacation, or the office party. If you feel pressured to eat or feel the need to eat, then fill up on the veggie tray or chew a piece of gum. You can still enjoy life, without all the calories from unhealthy foods!”

Everyone in Pamela’s life has noticed a huge difference in her appearance, and the compliments continue to pour in. “My friends say how happy and healthy I look and my husband commented that I am smaller than when we got married! When my size 4 daughter (who is also on Joy’s plan!) said we’d be sharing clothes soon, I couldn’t believe how far I had come. I’ve lost 85 pounds and finally regained control of my health and my life.”

*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve these results.