Lisa J.

After trying countless diets, and failing to lose weight, Lisa was ready to give up. When she decided to give one more program a try, she was amazed to find that Joy's plan actually worked!



Height: 5' 2"
Starting weight: 158 pounds
Current weight: 124 pounds
Pounds lost: 34 pounds

Having tried — and failed — to lose weight with countless diets in the past, Lisa found herself discouraged and gave up trying to shed the extra weight. The number on the scale slowly began to creep up, as a diagnoses of Hypothyroidism combined with the stress of attending nursing school began to show up on her waistline.

Lisa felt helpless and depressed. She often watched Joy Bauer’s segments on the Today show and one day decided she had nothing left to lose, and decided to give her program a try. To her amazement, Joy’s plan actually worked. Lisa closely followed all of Joy’s steps and advice, and began losing weight immediately. She admitted that the first two weeks were difficult; giving up carbs at dinner, diet soda and artificial sweeteners proved challenging. But Lisa weighed herself everyday — seeing the consistent weight loss helped keep her focused on her goal.

Over the holidays, Lisa allowed herself to indulge — enjoying a few of the cookies she would bake – but got right back on track with her diet the following day. “I felt so great losing weight that I didn’t want to overindulge,” she says. “So I took Joy’s advice, had a little of what I wanted and then went right back to my healthy eating plan — it worked! Not only did I not gain wait, I continued to lose through the holiday season!”

She found that Joy’s healthy snack ideas helped to keep hunger at bay, and kept her from overindulging at meals. Her go-to snack? “I loved being able to munch on carrots. They were so helpful to me, especially in the beginning of the program. I used them as my side dish, in lieu of potatoes and rice.” She also loves peanut butter and bananas on toast and cottage cheese mixed with berries and cinnamon.

Now, when people see Lisa, they are shocked! “People pull me aside and say, ‘You’re getting so skinny, what you are you doing?’ — I am so happy to share Joy’s program!” she says, “And it doesn’t hurt to hear that I am ‘hot’ from my husband!”

Lisa’s advice to others is to use the online plan and follow it closely. “Follow the steps and don’t deviate. I did Step 1 twice, which helped me kick some bad habits,” she says. “Utilize your coaches, the comprehensive website, and Joy’s fantastic recipes to stay on track.”

*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve these results.