Jennifer W.

After losing some weight on her own, Jennifer found the extra push she needed to keep going on Joy's program!



Age: 40
Height: 5'7"
Starting weight: 287 pounds
Current weight: 251 pounds
Goal weight: 150
Pounds lost: 36

Jennifer had been having weight-loss success on her own, using a “calories in, calories out” motto to drop pounds. But when she reached a plateau, she knew she needed a plan to help her continue losing the weight, and she found Joy’s plan was the most realistic and all-encompassing.

In the beginning, Jennifer’s ultimate goal was to lose weight. But Joy’s program taught her the importance of all aspects of health, including cholesterol levels and blood pressure. She began to realize that a healthy diet wasn’t only about watching calorie and fat intake, but also looking at nutrition as a whole. “I needed something that was more about seeing the big picture,” Jennifer says, “and that’s exactly what Joy’s plan helped me to do.”

The first week was the toughest for Jennifer, as she had to eliminate all artificial sweeteners from her diet. As someone who often snacked on processed foods and soda, she found the transition difficult. But once Jennifer made it to week two, she felt like she had overcome a major hurdle — she had gained the power to conquer and eliminate sugar cravings. Now instead of soda and cookies, Jennifer snacks on homemade fruit smoothies, which satisfy any sweet cravings without compromising her healthy eating plan.

Working full time and going to school keeps Jennifer’s schedule packed, leaving little time for preparing meals. But she and her husband love to cook and found Joy’s recipes to be delicious and easy to follow. “They don’t take much time to prepare, so her plan really fits with my busy life!” she says. The secret to Jennifer’s success? “Tracking! I track everything I eat, drink, and do. It gives me a good idea of what I’m doing and where I’m having trouble,” she says, “If my weight loss slows down I can take a look back and see what I ate and pinpoint where I might have had difficulty. I also enjoy having tasks that relate to my goals, so taking the time to track/journal what’s going on is a huge help for me.”

Her best advice for others is to plan ahead. Jennifer spends every Saturday planning her menu for the week, making her grocery list, and going shopping. She then cooks ahead so that she always has fresh meals ready for lunches and dinners. If she knows she will be eating out, she looks at the menu before she goes so she knows her options, and never hesitates to ask for modifications or substitutions. She also loves that Joy encourages you to enjoy a 150-calorie treat, and plans for a piece of dark chocolate or a glass of wine in her daily menu.

Jennifer is still working to lose more weight, but is well on her way to a healthier lifestyle! “My best compliment has been not so much that I’ve lost weight, but that I just look good,” says Jennifer, “A co-worker told me that I just looked happier and that I was glowing, and that felt great! I feel so much better on the inside and it’s nice to know that shows!”

*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve these results.