Debra A.

Debra hid inside t-shirts, sweats and plus-sized outfits until she shocked herself by losing 25 pounds on Joy's program. Now she's upgrading her wardrobe, showing off her new shape and garnering plenty of compliments.



Age: 60
Height: 5'5 1/2"
Pounds lost: 25

60-year old Debra, became frustrated and concerned with weight gain related to peri-menopause. And after the passing of her father and, shortly after, a 21-year-old cousin, she realized that life truly is precious. After these tragic events, Debra decided it was time to make lifestyle changes toward better health.

Within a few months of starting Joy’s diet plan, Debra not only felt vibrant and energetic, but she also dropped 25 pounds! She now regularly exercises and rarely eats processed, fatty and sugar-laden foods. She tries to minimize her salt intake and pulls way back on wine. She feels absolutely phenomenal.

As a woman who has never enjoyed being photographed and who has been relatively shy about her appearance, she is amazed to be receiving compliments from bank tellers, former coworkers, and even her OBGYN for her amazing health transformation. She feels on top of the world.

Now thanks to her new fit physique, Debra was finally able to ditch the baggy clothes that were literally falling off of her. She decided to donate several shopping bags filled with gently worn woman’s clothing to a local charity and hit the store for some new fitted items.

*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve these results.