Allison B.

Allison didn't like what she saw in the mirror, and set out to shed the pounds for good. Joy's plan helped her drop 20 pounds, and now she looks and feel great!



Age: 45
Height: 5'4"
Starting weight: 178 pounds
Current weight: 156 pounds
Goal weight: 149 pounds
Pounds lost: 22

With another birthday right around the corner, Allison was in a funk. A self-described emotional eater, she hated the way she looked and felt, and was frustrated and unhappy with her weight. Working nights and caring for her two sons meant dinner on the run, little time for exercise, and constant grazing on her kids’ favorite snack foods. She knew she needed to make a lifestyle change, so together with her sister Celeste, she started Joy’s plan. Working as a team, Allison and Celeste helped each other stay motivated and focused when the going got tough. Allison liked the simplicity of Joy’s menus and simple recipes, and after just a few weeks she had developed a solid routine and found her weight loss groove.

The most difficult part of Allison’s journey was staying on track during the weekends when events such as restaurant outings, birthdays and holiday gatherings posed temptations. She eventually found a compromise that worked for her: instead of nibbling on a little of everything, she learned to pick one or two “treats” that she really wanted, serve herself a small portion, and then take small bites to make it last. She has also developed new healthy cravings, the latest being crunchy baby carrots, an “unlimited food” on Joy’s weight loss plan. As Allison describes, “they’re cold, ready to eat, inexpensive, and you can eat a million of them!”

Allison couldn’t wait for her Friday weigh-ins — she actually started to like the scale — and loved watching the numbers decrease every week! After losing 22 pounds on Joy’s program, Allison says she “looks and feels pretty darn good!”

*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve these results.