tiffanyTiffany had always been overweight, but the numbers really started to climb once she began working a desk job. When she stepped on the scale one day and saw she had hit 250 pounds, she knew she had to make some changes. She joined a gym and began walking for 10 minutes. She also cut her calories and learned how to make better food choices. “Joy’s recipes have been a huge help because they’re low in calories and taste good”, she said. She especially loves Joy’s Classic Chili.Tiffany has lost a total of 112 pounds and feels better than ever.
joshJosh had hit 579 pounds by the time he was just 25 years old. He realized his weight was keeping him from living the life he’d dreamed of, and he was tired of feeling like he was letting down his friends, family and himself. He started hitting the gym and also cleaned up his diet. “I love to cook, and I love how Joy gives healthy options of the foods we all love.” One of his favorites is Joy’s Crispy Chicken Tenders. Josh dropped 284 pounds and is now a certified personal trainer. His next goal: to run a mini-marathon in May!
nicoleNicole was looking to not only lose weight and improve her health when she joined Joy’s Woman’s Day Challenge, but she also wanted to be a role model for her daughters. She stepped up her activity and incorporated Joy’s recipes into her diet. “I could go on and on about the recipes. What I love most is how tasty they are—and how easy they are.” Her efforts paid off: She lost 75 pounds, brought her blood pressure into the normal range, and reduced her cholesterol medication. Even better, her daughters have adopted many of her healthy habits.
carolynWhen Carolyn was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 40, she wasn’t shocked. After all, she was overweight (at 262 pounds), and several family members had died from complications of the disease. Yet it wasn’t until Carolyn’s husband suffered a heart attack at the age of 62 and passed away in her arms that she found the will to make a change. In about a year of eating healthfully, Carolyn shed more than 100 pounds and reduced her blood sugar more than 200 points. She still loves sweets, and is grateful that Joy’s recipes allows her to be bad without the consequences! Her favorite healthy indulgence: Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting.
howardWeighing in at nearly 400 pounds, Howard was a self-described junk food junkie. His fasting blood sugar was 160, his blood pressure was 200/110, and his mood was downright grumpy. After an embarrassing moment at his uncle’s funeral (he got stuck in the church pew and couldn’t get out to speak at the service), Howard vowed to use food as fuel instead of comfort. He often makes Joy’s Vegetable Lo Mein and Spinach Lasagna, and credits these recipes for helping him gain control over his health (his blood sugar and blood pressure are both normal) and his weight (he shed an astounding 220 pounds)! Plus, he’s gained a newfound energy, which allows him to relish his role as grandfather to twin granddaughters.
debDeb was a nurse who was battling her own health issues, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. At 187 pounds, Deb knew what she needed to do to get her health under control, but she just couldn’t make it happen. Then she joined Joy’s challenge with Woman’s Day magazine. “I learned how to prepare the foods I love in a healthier way, she says.” (She’s a big fan of Joy’s Eggs Benedict and Protein Pancakes.) She dropped 30 pounds and watched her heart disease risks basically disappear: both her blood pressure and cholesterol dropped. Now she hosts a similar healthy lifestyle event in her own community to help pay it forward.



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