Grow your own herbs

Cut back on salt while ramping up the flavor of summer standouts by adding fresh herbs, like basil, oregano, mint, rosemary and dill to recipes. You can grow your own herb plant(s) in a kitchen window or start up a garden in your yard and add other veggie plants. (Click here for some clever garden hacks.)  Of course, you can also find them in your grocery store or farmers’ market if you don’t have much faith in your green thumb. To store fresh, hearty herbs (like rosemary or thyme), wrap loosely in a damp paper towel to keep from drying out and store in an air-tight container in a crisper drawer to protect against oxygen. Softer herbs like mint and parsley can be stored in a lidded jar filled with a little cold water after their ends have been trimmed. Cover and refrigerate, changing the water when it becomes discolored. Then, give them a shot in these winning dishes:

Lemon-Dill Yogurt Dip
5-Minute Lemon Rosemary Salmon
Minty Grapefruit
Raspberry Basil Limeade
Pizza Peppers