Outsmart Summer Diet Saboteurs


Slimming Swaps

Skip the large NY-style pretzel. It may sound like a safe choice at the ballpark, but it’s actually a 630-calorie strikeout. Instead, choose a small soft-serve ice cream cone for 190 calories. You can also look for a novelty pre-packaged ice-cream cone for 250 calories, which isn’t exactly diet-friendly, but at least it’s a slimmer choice. 

Skip the jumbo popcorn (which is what stadiums often call their “smallest” size). This bag of kernels quickly adds up to somewhere north of 1800 calories (yikes!). Instead, choose a bag of heart-healthy shell-on peanuts. You can enjoy 28 for 160 calories. Share a bag with a friend or take the leftovers home. Plus, having to shell them will slow down your snacking—now that’s a homerun!

Sneak in: My Rosemary-Parm Popcorn

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