Top Nutrition Tips for Marathon Runners

Stay Energized During the Marathon

Nibble or sip on carbs every 60 to 90 minutes to keep your blood-sugar level steady and your energy up. Sports drinks and energy gels/chews are specially formulated for racing. They provide quick energy (in some form of sugar) and electrolytes (you lose plenty through sweat and it can be really dangerous if your electrolytes run low). There are some companies that specialize in using more “natural” ingredients, so certainly read labels and give them a shot.  For long runs and races these pre-packaged “fuel packs” are easy, convenient, and provide you with essential nutrients needed for running a long distance race. With that being said, you can try using easily digestible foods like bananas, orange segments, dried fruit, or even cooked potatoes instead – it just takes much more advanced planning and prep work, but can certainly be done. Just be sure to practice during long runs so you know exactly what, how much, and when to fuel up on race day.