Joy’s 10-Day Hydration Challenge

It’s getting hot and humid, which means it’s time for some healthy (and tasty) hydration! Consider this your jumpstart: I’m introducing a 10-day drink-up challenge to help instill a new habit for summer and beyond. I encourage you to make it official and track it on your calendar or your phone. Of course, it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated but it’s even more important now that the weather has started to heat up, we’re spending more time outdoors and our activity levels are likely increasing. (Don’t forget to mark your calendars: National Hydration Day is June 23!).

To help you reach your daily gulping goal (aim to drink about half your weight in liquid ounces; that’s 75 ounces for someone who weighs 150 pounds or about 9 glasses), here are a few tasty and totally refreshing recipes.