Healthy Foods That Pack on the Pounds

Frozen Yogurt


Ever get frozen yogurt, thinking you’re being oh-so-virtuous by picking the lighter, healthier dessert? Well check this out: At one of those trendy yogurt shops that are everywhere these days, a medium frozen yogurt with two toppings (let’s say chocolate chips and granola) packs in around 400 calories—that’s the equivalent of eating eight chocolate-chip cookies or an indulgent slice of apple pie!

You can still get your fro-yo fix without derailing your diet by ordering the small (only about 100 cals). As for those extras, stick to only one delicious topping of your choice. The healthiest picks are fresh fruit, nuts, or dark chocolate chips. A small yogurt topped with fresh fruit generally weighs in under 150 cals—light on calories but heavy on taste!