Attention Foodies! 5 Kid-Friendly Field Trips

Where to? Cooking Class

Put all of this newfound food knowledge to use by signing up for a local cooking class. It’s like the final step in the process—now that your kids have discovered how various foods came to be, they can learn how to use these ingredients to prepare a complete, healthy meal. Your local library or school district may offer a course. Or you check Sur La Table to see if they host a course in your neighborhood. Or simply Google “cooking class,” “kids” and your zip code to see what comes up. And of course, you could just create your own cooking class right at home using the kid-friendly recipes below.

Recipes Ideas for “Create-Your-Own Cooking Class”:

• Turkey Black Bean Burgers

• Mini Veggie Pizzas

• Mac and Cheese

• Crispy Chicken

Assignment: Have your kids use the techniques they learned in class to prepare the healthy lunch or dinner of their choosing for the rest of your family!