Cheers! 7 Slimmed-Down Holiday Cocktails

A single glass of the holiday classic with alcohol will set you back 440 calories. That’s like munching your way through seven sugar cookies or 19 Danish butter cookies. (If you choose the alcohol-free version, it will cost you 350 calories.)

I’m not saying you should skip the seasonal sip—it’s a staple at most parties and family gatherings. Instead, mix your own version. The simplest trick is to dilute store-bought eggnog with super low-cal unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It’s so easy—and works well whether you’re making a single glass or doing it by the pitcher for a party. That’s the secret to my Skinny Spiked Eggnog recipe, which contains just 200 calories per serving including the rum.

And there’s another deliciously easy option: My Slim-Style Eggnog, which has just 175 calories per glass. Bottoms up!