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I would like to start off by saying that I personally enjoy movies that have something to offer its audience(s). Anyone can make a movie, and any movie can bee good, but in my opinion it takes a special person with a special mind to make a movie great. There are several types of movies ranging from action to horror and from fiction to non-fiction, but in my opinion what makes a movie great is not what goes into the movie but what you can get out of the movie. Also i would like to note that i watch all movies online on Soap2day new site.

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There are several movies that have themes and lessons that can be learned from watching them so I will concentrate my writing on just Tyler Perry's videos. I do not know Tyler Perry but from his movies I feel that I have experienced similar situations with the characters of his workings. Tyler Perry's movies have a sense of all the genres in them if you were to look for them. There is action, adventure, suspense, comedy and even horror within the movie. The best part of the movie is there there are several lessons to be learned from everything that transpires from frame to frame.

Lessons like, never letting someone abuse you and not remembering where you come from. There are too many lessons to name in this writing, but rest assure there are excellent bits of knowledge and wisdom to be had from his works.

It is a true blessing to have a movie that will make you laugh, think, and even feel pain and/or joy along with the character. In my opinion, movies that deal with real issues and put the audience in the same frame of mind as the characters in the movie will always win over a movie with horror and mutilations. I am not the type of person to say that horror movies are the reason our youth are acting in such deviant and unproductive ways, but I am sure it plays a part in teaching them.

If in a movie you can be taught or reminded of something, then certainly you can be persuaded to think a certain way, or believe something that is not true. I think deep down someone who wants to harm others may get persuaded its OK to do so, by watching movies that provoke that anger by showing harmful scenes.

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We as grown ups and parents must allow our children to see at least a movie that will teach them something about life, and reality. I urge every parent to allow there teen to watch a Tyler Perry movie, at least one. I say teen because there are lessons to be learned Early in life from Tyler Perry's movies and books, not many younger children will get the lessons nor will they have to encounter them just yet.

I also think Tyler Perry did an excellent job writing the character, if you get a chance to watch or even read on of Tyler Perry's works, you will see what I mean. The main character is loud and proud, doesn't put up with foolishness but can sure dish it out. In my eyes, the main character is looked at as being the "abnormal" one, but it all the other characters around that are abnormal, and she straightens them out one way or another!

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Thanks for reading my writing, please feel free to make any comments. I only wanted to write about the goodness in Tyler Perry's works, but as you can see it will lead to other topics of discussion.