How to install an air conditioner

The market is replete with climate technology: from elementary fans to the most complex central air conditioners that regulate the heat exchange of entire buildings. Ordinary citizens, languishing from the heat, most often use either monoblock devices, all the equipment of which is in a single housing, or split systems, which usually consist of two parts - one is hung outside and the other inside the dwelling. Choosing the latter option implies knowledge of some of the subtleties of the process of its purchase and installation. First, it is necessary to thoroughly discuss with the seller the power of the equipment that will be required to cool a particular room.If the consultant in the store is not interested in the volume of the room, the number of people present there all the time, the availability of equipment that can heat the room, the size of the windows and even how these windows are decorated - curtains or blinds, then you can safely leave such an institution. A professional will definitely ask all these questions and only then will choose the right air conditioner. And in a reputable company, a specialist will be sent to the field to assess all the parameters on the spot. And only then will the buyer receive the necessary high-tech product that will not only buzz overhead, but also perform its main function, turning the hot summer heat into a livable substance.The installation of the purchase must also be entrusted to competent specialists. Saving in this matter can negate the whole idea. The air conditioner will work poorly, inefficiently and will break down quickly. It is necessary to take into account an important fact, the installation of a split system is best carried out either before or on time for repair. This unit will need separate wiring and sufficiently large brackets, not to mention a hole in the outer wall of the house. By the way, it should be noted that such work may require a separate permit, and find out in advance which authorities issue it.Even before the start of work, it is also necessary to determine where the air conditioner will hang. There are several rules here. In no case should the device be placed above a heat source, such as a battery. It is impossible for the air jet to fall directly on the bed or workplace, this can lead to illness. It makes no sense to hang an air conditioner behind curtains or any other obstacle to air circulation, the distance to the barrier should be at least three meters.Compliance with these simple rules will allow the equipment to work without breakdowns and interruptions for a long time. Рынками сбыта технической конопли стали строительная и изоляционная промышленность, бумажная и текстильная промышленность являются основными рынками волокна конопли, в то время семена конопли купить стало доступно для изготовления продуктов питания.