How to Find Free Spins for Online Casinos

New casino customers often wonder if it is possible to win on slot machines all the time. Experienced gamblers will answer: yes. The only way to get a mathematical advantage on the slot is to bet at the expense of the gambling establishment. That is, free play rounds or free spins.

The following will tell you: how to find freespin offers, when to accept the gift and when to decline. At the end of the article there is a secret: in which casinos with free free spins it is possible to win all the time.

What Are Free Spins And How Do They Differ

A freespin is a game round on a slot without investing the player's money. Other names encountered in publications and advertisements: free spins, bonus spins, free spins, FS.

Free rounds can be won while playing for money. This is otherwise known as "free play" - a kind of bonus game on the slot. In this material such spins will not be considered.

Second free spins are online casino marketing efforts to attract customers, virtual money to bet without the possibility of withdrawal. The classification is as follows:

  1. For registration.
  2. Per deposit - for new customers, these spins usually accompany the deposit bonus. Already registered players can receive offers by email.
  3. For action - a rare option, an action can be an invitation to a new player or activity in social networks.

The winnings from any free spins cannot be withdrawn immediately. The rare exceptions will be discussed later. Winnings are credited in the form of a bonus. To cash out the bonus, it is necessary to replenish the gaming account and make a certain amount of bets with your own money. This is called "wagering". As a result, part of the freespin winnings will be written off to the balance and become available for withdrawal.

Important. Almost always winnings from FS can not be cashed out completely. And even worse. Approximately 1/4 of the time, the prize is lost, and there is a small loss of your own money.

The requirement for the mandatory amount of bets to cash out winnings from free spins is called "Wager" (Wager). Its usual values are x25 or x30. It means that the player must wager an amount equal to 25 or 30 times the winnings from free spins.

  • Before accepting the offer, it is necessary to find out the other parameters of the no deposit spins.
  • Whether the online casino promotions are available for a certain country.
  • Which slots are banned for wagering. There are bans in 90% of cases.
  • What is the maximum bet amount for wagering. It is always limited.
  • Can the winnings after the wagering be greater than the initial amount of free spins.
  • How much time is given to play and wagering.

How Do Free Spins Work

Algorithm of obtaining and using free spins without deposit:

  1. Find a casino that offers free spins for registration.
  2. Go to the website of the institution and to clarify the relevance of the proposal from technical support.
  3. Pass registration.
  4. Fill out personal data in the profile. This is necessary in half of the cases.
  5. Activate the sign up free spins in the personal cabinet, if required.
  6. Open the slot and play. Winning will always come.
  7. If allowed, continue to play with the bonus money won.
  8. If this is not possible, then make a deposit and start wagering the prize on allowed slots.

Won bonus is available for withdrawal and for betting in any games.

The insidiousness of the outwardly attractive offer is that the novice gambler will often end up wagering in deficit. Still, free spins aren't exactly a gift. The institution also expects to occasionally make a profit from the player.

Pros & Cons of Free Spins

Free spins are generally unprofitable for the casino. This is evidenced by the fact that the amount of free spins provided to players is rarely more than $100. Free Spins attract new customers and encourage old ones to return to the game.

This is a plus for gamblers: with the right approach, it is possible to win a little bit at a time.

The second plus is mainly for beginners: the opportunity to "smell the gunpowder without blood". For novice players, it is also important to learn the functions of the control panel. In some slots the real money mode and the demo mode may differ.

The minus of free spins is the only one. Inexperienced or overly gambling players may not recognize the trap - it is known to fail. This can be, for example, vager x40

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