Greyhill Incident cool game review - Invasion of the dull gray men

Greyhill Incident attracts with the atmosphere of an alien invasion thriller, a beautiful picture and the humor promised by the developers, but stumbles over ridiculous gameplay and a bunch of bugs. We talk about this failed horror in the review.

In Greyhill Incident, you play as Ryan, a resident of the small town of Greyhill, lost somewhere in the American outback. Recently, paranormal activity has been observed in the district: locals associate this with an alien invasion , but they are afraid to seek help - it is likely that the government is aware of what is happening, which means that anyone who starts talking about aliens out loud risks going to a mental hospital.

On one of the restless evenings, the main character goes to visit a neighbor who has not been in touch for a long time. Upon returning home, Ryan discovers that his son has been abducted by extraterrestrial guests, and now he has to throw all his strength into saving him.

However, if you're hoping that Greyhill Incident will allow you to smash alien heads and fire shotguns, you'll have to temper your expectations. In the arsenal of the protagonist there is only a bat that can stun the enemy, and a revolver, which is very difficult to find cartridges for.

Therefore, you will have to rely on stealth: avoid enemies, hide from them in garbage cans, and when detected, fight back and run away, otherwise the adventure will end, and Ryan will go to the spaceship as an experimental rat.

The cool games looks very authentic. There are rednecks in foil caps, deserted streets of a town frozen in horror, cornfields, classic “flying saucers” and “gray men”. A night run through the field is memorable: mysterious lights sweep overhead, a dog barks somewhere nearby , and the player involuntarily waits for the alien to appear right in front of him.

On such a foundation , one could build a wonderful survival horror , but Greyhill Incident disappoints with unbalanced gameplay.

Ryan is clearly sick of something: after running a few meters or waving a bat, he begins to choke, and it takes an excruciatingly long wait for the recovery of stamina. Squatting is annoyingly slow, and the aliens either do not notice the protagonist at all, or even find him in cover. If the enemy grabs the main character, he has a chance to free himself by going through a small QTE. It looks comical, given the lack of animation: you just hang over an alien making clattering sounds, spam the button, and wait for the character to be released from the grip.

In Greyhill Incident, there are no markers indicating the purpose of the task, so you need to find the path yourself. This is not bad in the case of a good cool game, but here all the interest is broken by many invisible walls and the inability to accelerate for more than a few seconds. And when you arrive at the place you need, you risk not understanding what exactly needs to be done there: the interaction marker with objects is so tiny that its appearance can be easily missed. Or you can just do nothing, because the script will not work - there are enough such bugs too.

In addition to the above, the script of the cool game is simply not interesting, the dialogue does not make sense, and the humor is very awkward. The characters seem to understand that their town has become the target of an alien invasion, but they themselves do nothing, they take the field strewn with dead cows for granted, and the cat covered with sensors of extraterrestrial origin is not surprising. The objectives of the missions are reduced to tasks of the type "bring-give", and the plot ends in mid-sentence three hours after the start of the game.

Finally, the cool game is poorly translated into Russian: there is a feeling that the machine translation was not corrected by the editor. For a long time I could not understand why, when approaching the tractor, the inscription “Space” appears on the screen - as it turned out, this is how the overbrain translated the word “Space”, that is, “Space”, which must be pressed to get inside the machine. And this is not the worst example of local localization.

Greyhill Incident still has a chance to become, if not a good, then at least a good thriller for one evening - the developers are actively releasing patches where they fix the most obvious problems. Nevertheless, you should not expect something impressive from the cool game: even if the bugs are fixed and the balance is improved, the project will remain short , not particularly exciting and simply boring.